paddling the edisto river...

As you paddle through the Edisto River, you automatically know you are in an extraordinary place. The Edisto is wild; primarily undeveloped and a haven for nature. The Edisto is also free; as the longest free-flowing black water river in the United States. One of our favorite experiences here is the Edisto River Canoe & Kayak Trail. This 57-mile trail takes you on a gentle passage where you will be sure to see white sands, cypress knees, and moss-draped trees. The Edisto is also contained only in South Carolina, making this experience truly one-of-a-kind.

Up for a rustic and authentic experience on the Edisto? We’re talking no electricity, no running water, no problem. Really unplug and paddle up to your very own treehouse with Carolina Heritage Outfitters! One of the most unique experiences on the Edisto also comes with quite a view.