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the hammock coast...

As one of our first South Carolina Great Outdoors communities, we partnered with the Georgetown County Tourism Management Commission and developed a wide range of outdoor goals and objectives along the Hammock Coast.

Here's what we did in a nut shell:

1. Inventory of all outdoor destinations, charters, tours, etc...

2. Public Relations Strategy to increase awareness of The Hammock Coast as an outdoor destination

3. 8 themed outdoor example travel itineraries

4. 10-page "quick list" of local trails (for walking, hiking, biking & paddling), hunting, marinas, waterways & public access points, outfitters, charters, tours, wildlife areas, parks & piers, accommodations & golf courses

5. Placement ready advertisements w/ accompanying outdoor photo library

6. 1 60-second television commercial, 1 30-second giveaway commercial & campaign for The Hammock Coast