The importance of branding

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” –Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Branding can take a back seat to infrastructure improvements or everyday expenses for a town. If you’re on the fence about the importance of branding, here are our top 3 reasons that explain why it’s a vital and NOT optional part of growth and pride for any place.

1.       Branding is not just for tourists.

A successful brand creates a sense of place. For people who already live in your town, that sense of place increases community pride. Visitors and tourists notice that community pride right away, and it provides a memorable experience for them that will stand out among the rest.  

2.       Brands bring business.

Branding is truly a part of economic development. When a business owner contemplates opening a storefront in your town, quality of life is of utmost importance. Do you think they would choose a town that communicates what’s special there or a town that would make them do research and guess at why they should invest there? The branded town will win out every time.  

3.       Brands are alive.

The best brands allow communities to latch on to them and evolve. Were you once the “Peach Capital of the World”? Think a Peach festival, encourage local restaurants to offer peach inspired dishes, down to mugs with “Historically Peachy” on the front. The possibilities can be endless and fun for everyone.

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