Top Tips for Small Town Social Media

Throughout our travels across South Carolina, we have heard many small towns express frustration with social media. In many cases, adding social media management to the already full plates of town employees is a struggle. Here are our top tips to overcome those challenges and realize the full potential of using social media as a promotional tool for small towns.

1. Don’t go crazy with the text. In your description section, limit yourself to just a few sentences about the history of the town and what the vibe is like now. What is it like visiting there? What is it like living there?

2. Make sure you choose the setting where people can post on your page. This will keep you better informed about upcoming events and will give your Facebook audience and outlet to engage with you directly.

3. Photos! Lots and lots of photos! At least weekly or bi-weekly, take an hour or two to drive around or walk around your downtown. Take shots of your lunch plate, of the local shop owners, children playing on the square, a beautiful house, anything! This will give your page an authentic feeling that will appeal to locals AND potential visitors.  

4. The scheduling tool is your friend. Once you take your first photo trip, pre-schedule each one to last throughout the next few weeks, and add in any community events you know of. This will save you hours of time throughout the week.

5. Paid social media ads and boosted posts are a very inexpensive way (you can choose your own budget!) to reach your audience. We usually recommend promoting your page to people who already live in your county first, and then venture out from there. Do you have a lot of antique shops? You can target people who are interested in that specifically!

6. Last but not least, make sure you ‘like’ other town Facebook pages. You will then be able to get inspired about what others are doing right (and wrong).

If you’re still frustrated with using social media for your small town, contact us today to see if we would be a good fit for managing and planning it for you!